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Successful evaluation of all our water projects!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We have recently concluded an extensive evaluation of our clean water projects. During this

year we mounted a large monitoring exercise to gather together information about all the water projects Afrinspire has funded over the past 12 years. in 2006 we started with water harvesting tanks but by 2017 we have ended up very much concentrating on protecting water springs which are far more cost effective in serving many more people with safe water. Over the past 12 years, Afrinspire has deployed almost £30,000 to build 79 water tanks and protect 47 springs for communities across Uganda. The 126 constructions by 7 different community-based organisations are serving around 15,000 people. Although costs vary according to regions and the team used, this averages out at an incredibly low £2 per person! That means, it costs Afrinspire £2 to provide clean water for one person for likely up to 20 years. Our current programme with three community construction teams protecting springs costs £1 per person to provide safe water.

An investment of £180 will protect a spring and bring safe water to 200 people. Our contributions are always joined by a local contribution.

We are very grateful to our volunteers who have helped to collate and analyse all the information, especially Meenu who collated all the information to analyse it back in our office in Cambridge. ial to this evaluation has been the design of survey forms, monitoring and collecting of data on our field visits to Uganda, meeting and interviewing communities around their water spring, having email dialogue with our partners who have provided much information and receiving their reports which continue the data collection.

Time has been spent at springs or tanks, taking photos and meeting the community who use them. Volunteers on our summer field visit helped in this process. If you area student and would like to be a part of our summer field visit to Uganda in 2018 and

help with projects like this, please contact us at Find out more and view the expression of interest form here.

The lack of clean water in Uganda is common place and comes with major health problems. According to UNICEF, an average of three children die every minute from waterborne diseases. Furthermore, individuals often have to walk miles to fetch water, taking valuable time away from their domestic and agricultural work.

An investment of £180 will protect a spring and bring safe water to 200 people

If you would like to contribute to Afrinspire's water projects, click here.

Below you can see the typical muddy water hole which is transformed into a clean running pipe

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