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Education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development, as highlighted by SDG 4.

Investing in knowledge and skills development builds human resource, and positively impacts upon multiple other development areas. Although primary education is technically free in many parts of Eastern Africa, it may be unavailable due to geographical limitations, and barriers such as requiring children to bring their own stationary and wear a uniform – unaffordable to some families. Many children (particularly girls) drop out before developing basic literacy and numeracy.


We believe in the capacity of local leaders to transform their communities, and by investing in our leaders and their skills, we are able to support and accelerate the transformation that they are already bringing about. We support partners to provide teaching and training for both adults and children in communities where education is scarce.


We also work with partners to bring more advanced training and leadership skill-development to our network through advanced training courses and conferences in areas such as IT, enterprise-development and growing as a Women's leader.

“Afrinspire listens to the ideas of Africans and builds with them, not shaping but supporting the agenda of partners”

Willy Nkamuhebwa, Agency for Integrated Training Services


Teaching and Research Institutions

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We believe in the power of effective education and training to transform the lives of individuals and those around them. As mentioned in the Children and Young People section, Afrinspire supports a number of schools in providing a holistic and well-rounded education and nurturing environment.


Afrinspire’s partners also include training centres, and outreach courses which provide training and teaching for young people and adults from basic literacy and numeracy through to secondary education, and specialist vocational skills. One of our partners is a higher education facility which also provides capacity-building for sustainable development through the provision of development training and research services to NGOs, CBOs, Government institutions and the private sector.

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God's Care

Primary School 

God's Care Primary School
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Agency for Integrated Development and Training Services 


Shuuku Vocational Secondary School 


Training Courses and Conferences

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Our training courses and conferences are a fantastic opportunity to bring together the established and emerging leaders in the Afrinspire network to learn from one another.


We tend to run around two annually and use these as opportunities to build communities of partners with like interests, who can encourage, support and challenge us and one another in the programmes and projects we are developing. These sessions also help delegates to develop personal and practical skills to equip them to maximise their impact as project leaders, and these can be key opportunities to catalyse growth and change in local communities.

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Agency for Integrated Development and Training Services 



Young Leaders



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We constantly review and learn from what we are doing, to improve our programmes and their impact, and seek to share and compare this learning with other similar organisations.

As well as reflecting on our own practice, we often work with researchers, particularly from the University of Cambridge, to practically support them as they seek to develop new understanding or products for poverty alleviation. We have supported researchers with interests as broad as technological innovation, water and sanitation, anthropological issues around gender empowerment, and the health needs of the rural elderly to conduct pieces of work in settings such as Uganda. 

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SUPPORT a delegate to attend a potentially life-changing training course


OFFER your training or research time and expertise to help us further develop Afrinspire’s work and the work of our partners through training and skills-development, monitoring and evaluation or research


DONATE to our training programs.


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