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African women are frequently extremely disadvantaged and dependent on the men of the community, many having little control over their situations, facing systemic  discrimination, and being vulnerable to
becoming trapped in unsupportive or abusive relationships. They have fewer legal rights than men, causing extreme dependence on their husbands and feelings of isolation.

Furthermore, lower education rates arise due to low enrolment and high drop-out rates for girls, particularly as families tend to prioritise school fees for boys, so girls may forgo learning the skills they would need to become financially independent.


Sustainable Development Goal 5 highlights that ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, but also crucial to accelerating sustainable development.


Afrinspire believes in the
potential of women and girls to transform the continent of Africa.

Our multi-faceted approach involves addressing inequities such as plugging educational gaps, and bringing together women to develop new skills and the confidence to change their lives, and to lift their families and communities out of abject poverty.

“The women have gained knowledge and confidence to rise up, transform others, and participate in society on all levels”

Rose Ekitwi, Programme Coordinator for the Functional Adult Literacy Programme


Education and Functional Adult Literacy


Education is a key route to empowerment of women, enabling them to act independently, and sometimes escape reliance upon abusive or unsupportive men.


Afrinspire supports vulnerable young girls to stay in school or gain vocational skills through our Children and Young People programs, and aims to address systemic educational inequities through our flagship Functional Adult Literacy Program.
This practical program helps women develop literacy and life skills to critically engage with issues that affect their lives and help move themselves and their families out of poverty.

Rose FAL.jpg

Rose Ekitiwi

Coordinator of the Functional Adult Literary Programme

FAL and Rose Ekitwi
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Mikenen's Development Project Initiatives

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Uganda Development Services

Uganda Development Services

Women's Groups


Afrinspire has been working with a range of women’s groups across Eastern Africa since 2001. Women’s groups provide a supportive environment where women can share problems, gain skills, solve problems and support each other, as well as begin saving schemes and income generating activities.


Afrinspire supports groups through a revolving grant programme, providing start-up funds for small businesses. 

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Rwenyaga Women

Rwenyaga Women
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Jopoint Children's Supportive Association

Women's Advocacy Network

Women's Advocacy Network

Equipping Women to Lead

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Afrinspire challenges the gender gap in African leaders by developing and equipping women throughout our programmes. As well as ensuring gender equality in many of our programs, conferences and grants, we actively promote women by drawing them together in specific ‘Women’s Conferences’ to enable female leaders to learn from and encourage one another, and collaboratively seek solutions to the widespread discrimination they face.

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Afrinspire Women's Conference

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Afrinspire Women's Conference
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FAL and Rose Ekitwi

Junic's Story

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Junic's Story




LEARN about the challenges and the approach of community-wide support in comparison to orphanages and individual child sponsorship programmes


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