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Interested in a career in international development?


It's possible to volunteer as an intern in the Afrinspire office in Cambridge, normally in the autumn, spring or summer.

The work is incredibly varied, but may involve communications, fund-raising and  impact assessment.  Please contact us specifying your interest, availability and including a CV if possible.

What can an Afrinspire internship offer you?

  • Insight into the international development sector and grass-roots development practices in Africa

  • Training in transferrable skills such as accounting, website design and communications

  • Experience liasing with African partners on a varied scope of projects

What kind of work have previous interns been involved with?

Evaluation of Business Proposals from African Partners
Website Design
Writing Fundraising Proposals
Impact Assessment
Managing social media

And more...

Where could an internship at Afrinspire take you?

Students and graduates gaining experience with Afrinspire have been able to use that experience to further their careers in international development. Typical destinations beyond Afrinspire have been:

Care International

Save the Children



 Dalberg Global Development Advisors

 CBM international

Cambridge Global Health Partnerships

Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative

Teach First



To name a few...


''I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Afrinspire, I learnt a lot and the time has brought my aim of working in the charitable sector into a much sharper focus''

Laurence Dudley, Summer Intern 2013

'' I am leaving with an understanding of Africa and foreign aid which I never got at school''

Melissa Henry

''Working at Afrinspire has given me such a valuable insight into the international development sector and the inner workings of a charity. The work is varied and interesting, and anything you do here can have such a meaningful impact on people's lives.''

Katie Francis, Autumn Intern 2019

''The work I did at Afrinspire last summer prepared me so well for the role I've taken on at CBM International both in equipping me with the practical skills to do the job and also providing knowledge of international development and the charity sector" 

Rebekah Greenbank, Summer Intern 2018


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