Health has been shown to be central to human happiness, and has been prioritised in SDG3 ‘Health and Well-being’. Health also makes a significant contribution to relieving poverty, as healthier populations live longer and producing and save more, as well as having a reduced fertility rate (so children are more likely to be adequately provided for). Across the African region, there are still many preventable deaths, diseases and disabilities, and systemic, unjust differences in health outcomes both between and within countries.

Achieving good health is about much more than just ensuring access to a doctor or a nurse. It is about preventing factors which increase the risk of getting ill, such as a poor diet or accommodation, and dirty water, or air. Vulnerable groups may also require welfare or income support, which is often unavailable in Africa, affecting their health and living standards. Therefore, there are many complex links between different areas of poverty-reduction and health, and so, addressing the root causes of ill health is a critical area for international development organisations.


We work to improve health for all and reduce health inequities by particularly focusing on groups who are systematically discriminated against.


Therefore Afrinspire promotes well-being, and tackles causes of ill health through a health promotion and prevention approach, as well as targeting services and support to vulnerable groups as part of our social inclusion strategy.

“Thanks to Afrinspire, our children are healthy, and no longer die from easily preventable diseases"

Anon Functional Adult Literacy leader


Health Promotion and Prevention

A core theme of our Functional Adult Literacy programme is the education of communities in how they can take simple steps to reduce their risk of becoming ill. These range from not living in the same room as animals to avoid contamination, to washing hands after using the toilet, or building a drying stand to keep crockery and cutlery clean for the next meal. These basic tips taught by local leaders have transformed the health of rural communities. The programme also contains basic family-planning advice.


These basic interventions can be a key part of catalysing the development of a community. In some areas we have expanded this work to enable easier access to medications through supporting local health workers and pharmacies.


Sanitation and nutrition

Many of the major health problems in Africa, particularly those which kill young children are easily preventable by a healthy diet, access to clean water, and good disposal of human waste (i.e. access to a toilet).


Afrinspire is working at a community level through a number of programmes to provide these basic ingredients to a healthy lifestyle, working with agricultural programmes to provide a balanced mixed diet, and water and sanitation programmes to provide clean water and good toilets for homes, schools, and other institutions.

Mutuwa Primary School

People with disabilites

Almost 1 in 10 working-age adults in Africa has a disability (Mitra et al. 2013). However, despite being a common sight, people with disabilities in Africa often face stigma, especially if they are women. In a country where becoming self-reliant is a struggle for many, the disability can make it even harder for the individual to create a life for themselves.

Afrinspire is working with partners to promote a more inclusive society and create employment opportunities for people with disabilities, along with improved access to basic education, and vocational training to help gain jobs.

The deaf

The Elderly

Many older African citizens face struggles with their daily lives. For instance, some may have limited mobility on treacherous, often mountainous terrain, and poor health and nutrition, whilst still being expected to provide for themselves and orphaned grandchildren. Furthermore, the traditional extended family is gradually weakening, and the increasing urbanization and death of partners and peers often
leaves the elderly socially isolated.

Afrinspire partners have advocated for increased funding, attention and support for the elderly, and provided practical support and advice through elderly groups and support for older guardians of orphans.

Voice of the Elderly
Veteran Carpenters



PROVIDE a life-changing piece of equipment for a vulnerable individual such as a wheelchair, braille machine, or walking stick


LEARN about the close links between health and other elements of poverty and develop by reading about the determinants of health World Health Organisation 


DONATE to our health and welfare programmes to help prevent avoidable death and disease


AFRINSPIRE is a UK registered charity which supports African initiatives in development and poverty reduction in East Africa. Working closely with community leaders to understand development needs we tailor our support to meet their requirements.


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