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Kevin Lee raised over 1000 pounds to support 300 Rwandan orphans in the care of Association Misericorde by parachuting out of an airplane.


He decided that if he was going to jump out of an airplane he ought to make it worthwhile. After spending six months collecting sponsors he finally made the jump!

In 2012 Afrinspire received funding as customers at Waitrose Cambridge donated 125 pounds to June’s Community Matters Scheme. We invite our supporters to nominate Afrinspire as a beneficiary in their local area!

While doing a sponsored bike ride across Alaska for Afrinspire, former intern Jess Szekely had the idea to start a business selling high energy ready meals especially designed for camping: TentMeals.


Using the phrase 'AFRINSPIRE' at the checkout, our supporters can enjoy 20% off their purchase, and TentMeals send 20% of the price as a donation

The staff at the Holiday Inn Cambridge adopted Afrinspire as a charity to support for a two year period. Using Give as You Live they raised money with the purpose of providing water tanks in the communities where Afrinspire is active.

The staff went on to host two of Afrinspire's African partners - Rose and Ann - for three weeks at the Holiday Inn.

Parachuting for afrinspire

waitrose fundraising

small business partnership

Holiday Inn staff partner with Afrinspire

'What makes Afrinspire unique is its regular visits. Visits to local communities is what allows people to be informed and heard…As opposed to big organisations which are largely detached from the people and the communities they are partnering with, Afrinspire operates "on the ground".'



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