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What makes Afrinspire's FAL programme so successful?

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

In April Afrinspire visited groups from the functional adult literacy (FAL) programme in Uganda. We spoke to the women participating and the trainers to find out what makes this programme so successful when others have failed.

Rose, the leader of the programme is pictured here with Lawrence, one of the expert trainers who is deployed in the field to train volunteers to teach the groups. Since 2006 this expert team, along with another trainer, Henry, have trained teachers for 72 groups in seven areas across Uganda. Afrinspire teams have visited 80% of these groups and witnessed the positive impact FAL has had on thousands of people's lives.

Speaking with Lawence (right), Anna-Joy came to realise how qualified these trainers are. They were expertly trained by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development about 15 years ago to equip them as 'Trainer of Trainers'. Combining this knowledge with their own experience of life and people, they have deployed it to influence and inspire women, mobilising, motivating and empowering them to use this program to bring their families out of poverty.

They apply their knowledge and skills with care. They do extensive follow-up, monitoring the groups, and they are able to relate to the circumstances of the rural context in which the groups are normally located.

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