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Christiana - Development Study Centre

Christiana heard recently about the struggle for food for the small skeleton staff remaining at the Development Study Centre in Mbarara, Uganda. They are keeping the centre safe while the coronavirus lockdown is happening. Of course, there is no education running at the moment in Uganda so the centre is shut for the time being and without income. The DSC is a base for so much of Afrinspire's work in East Africa. Many visitors, students and conference delegates have passed through this Centre. The brainchild of Nkamuhebwa Willy, the DSC is a product of an Afrinspire partnership going back to 1997.

Christiana has almost completed her PhD in Sustainable Engineering at Cambridge University. She has set up a fund raising page to support the DSC and you can find it here.

Christiana carried out the field work for her research on the topic of water and gender by using Afrinspire connections in Uganda. Here she is trying her hand filling a jerry can at a shallow well. Her PhD will be completed and published soon.

Please check out her page and support her birthday project this year - the DSC.

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