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Food Now in Uganda

Zadok Kamusiime writes "Food distribution ended yesterday with Nyakabungo and Kinyarushengye Batwa communities where 49 families received their shares.

It was done by a selected team of Batwa headed by Semajeri Gad. He took photos but they are unable to download."

"We are so thankful. Please extend our appreciations to all those concerned."

The Batwa communities which Afrinspire relates to are on the Uganda/Rwanda border in the very south of Uganda.

Meanwhile, in Kampala, we had given food to Jaguza Children. There is a Uganda Government programme to deliver food and when this arrived at our partner, Margaret, she was able to hand on her ration to this boy and the grandmother who live nearby. Here a boy collects food and a mask at Margaret's back door.

Elsewhere through another partner in Kampala a bicycle is loaded up to deliver food to 20 families in Nakuwade, Masafa, Nansana and Mbuya.

Food has been distributed in Jinja and many other places around our Afrinspire network, perhaps too many to mention.

We have many photographs from the deliveries, but we are not planning to show them for quality and confidentiality reasons.

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