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Update on Afrinspire Young Entrepreneurs

One of our Afrinspire Young Entrepreneurs, Rebecca Ashantu, has stepped out of her comfort zone by obtaining a listing for her product on Jumia. Jumia is an on-line shopping platform which came from Nigeria to Uganda and is developing its range of products.

Here is one of the first deliveries arriving with one of our other young entrepreneurs. But no sooner are sales being made than there is a stock issue. So Rebecca is meeting her first challenge to keep Jumia supplied. We wish her well as she breaks this frontier.

The main point is that this product is delicious, so it can be sold and bought with confidence, as the Afrinspire Young Entrepreneurs know from our conferences when this product has been on display.

The most recent day conference for the young entrepreneurs was in Kampala on 29th February 2020. The theme was 'Making the Numbers Work', getting to the heart of how to design and run a business and understanding it from a numbers point of view.

The syllabus is designed by the delegates who plan ahead to our next conference. We constantly draw in new delegates to learn from the experiences of those who have advanced and become successful in their projects.

As well as much serious learning and discussion about business and income generating activities, we also carried out a role play game where we arranged ourselves in power order. Each delegate played a role where their characteristics were developed and they saw their power rise and fall as compared to everyone else in the room. This provided two teams of African delegates, playing roles from UK and Africa, with a greater insight as gender, wealth, age and position in society altered their power.

The Afrinspire Young Entrepreneurs is a movement which started in 2013 and continues to expand.

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