AFRINSPIRE is a UK registered charity which supports African initiatives in development and poverty reduction in East Africa. Working closely with community leaders to understand development needs we tailor our support to meet their requirements.


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Functional Adult Literacy

The Functional Adult Literary Programme aims to reduce poverty in rural communities across Northern and Eastern Uganda by empowering women through training in literacy and life skills. The courses are run by trained members of the local community who have previously completed the course. This project is overseen by our partner Rose Ekitwi

Our partner Rose Ekitwi grew up illiterate, and now has a passion for teaching adults to read and to be empowered with literacy and other life skills and knowledge, by teaching household management, numeracy and business skills.  We have worked with Rose since 2005 to help mainly women but men also.  Over 80 groups have been formed in rural areas. The Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) project, which is focused on reducing poverty in rural communities across northern and eastern Uganda by empowering women through literacy and life skills.

Afrinspire has assisted Rose Ekitwi in starting 90 FAL groups in 7 regions since 2007 and currently 50 groups persist after completing the intial 3 to 5 year course.

Further Information:

Between 3 and 6 new FAL groups are started each year and groups continue for a basic 3 years, often 5 years and then metamorphose into something else such as a registered community organisation.  Most groups will begin savings schemes and define and start their own projects.  Afrinspire stays with them all the way.  Everyone's living standard is bettered by the course. To start 3 groups costs between £1,000 to £1,500 depending on remoteness and distance.  These 6 leaders and 60 learners will represent 500 to 600 people.  The impact is to empower them out of poverty, for an investment of £3 per person per year.  There are currently 57 groups in operation.

We've been able to start six new groups in 2017, the majority in a new area, Mayenzi in Eastern Uganda. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and whilst groups are often mainly female, one of the Mayenzi groups is predominantly composed of young people who missed out on school due to not having money to pay. They welcome the opportunity to learn valuable skills that they can't get anywhere else.

Such new groups require our support for an initial 'nurturing' period of up to two years, during which the leaders are trained and support is provided through visits until they are established. Now, we're delighted to see our more mature groups extending their help to start new ones.


"The women have gained knowledge and confidence to rise up, transform others, and participate in society on all levels."