2017 Summer Field Trip

Every summer Afrinspire organises a field visit to Uganda, starting at the end of the summer term. The trip allows you to gain first-hand experience of, and make a valuable contribution to, indigenous grass roots development projects in Africa. You will have the opportunity to meet Afrinspire's partners on the ground, see local projects in action, and, most excitingly, assist in running our annual Afrinspire Young Leaders Conference, which aims to attract young leaders with innovative project ideas, which Afrinspire can then support and help to fund.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the issues relating to poverty, and see how indigenous initiatives such as women’s adult literacy, self-help groups, water harvesting and technology transfer act as catalysts for development.  You will be in contact with expert development practitioners. This visit is ideal for those with an interest in international development who want to gain exposure to the rural African context.

So far, Afrinspire has taken over 30 students on five visits in five years. A number of students have even returned for second trips!

Dates: End of June/early July 2017 for around two and a half weeks
Exact dates still to be fixed. 

Cost: Approximately £1,400 to £1,500.  
This estimate is attempting to be all inclusive of the air-fare, vaccinations, anti-malarials, accommodation, food, vehicle hire and fuel. It is based on costs from previous years.

Deadlines: We would ideally like to have the team committed before the end of the year so that we can reserve/buy our flights early as they do get booked up early and costs rise. 

If you're interested in visiting Afrinspire's partners in Uganda, please send a completed expression of interest form (found below) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.




 Uganda 2013

The team of students and volunteers who took part in the summer field trip in 2013.

Download this file (EXPRESSION_OF_INTEREST_FORM_2017_blank.doc)Expression of Interest Form[Please complete and return if you are interested in taking part]25 kB