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Women in ICT-Information and Communication Technologies

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

We have supported in the past few months an initiative by Uganda Development Services which is empowering women and girls through ICT. It is run in the Kamuli District of Uganda. It aims to tackle the “the gender digital divide”. This gap is strongly documented that women have less access to ICT than men. As the use of ICT can improve effectiveness and efficiency for economic development is it key that women and girls can use ICT services.

From a survey done at the onset, it was clear that women wanted access to ICT but were limited by high cost and the additional challenge of husbands preventing them from using ICT tools because it may result in women giving less time to their families.

Building upon earlier successful interventions, the women learnt about a variety of technologies from social media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook, to video conferencing and holding a radio talk show. They learnt how to use mobile banking, saving using mobile phones and accessing business information.

After 3 months, the women received certificates from the deputy District Education Officer. This experience with ICT provides the women with greater access to jobs, and greater training to start their own business. In addition to these hard skills, the project promotes inclusive participation of women and empowers them with increased access to valuable information through ICTs.

The group was buzzing with ideas about the next steps to take for them in using the new

knowledge and skills.

Uganda Development Services (Uganda) operates from a business centre and community library in Kamuli town and provides outreach services into the surrounding districts. The original UK charity, Uganda Development Services, which started UDS (Uganda) has handed over it's UK activity to Afrinspire during the past 18 months and this transition of donors and supporters is now complete. Whilst this has rationalised the UK support, the work of UDS Uganda continues to serve the communities in an un-interrupted fashion.

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