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The Importance of the T-Shirt

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Afrinspire partner, SDKF, has been training young people in Kampala for the past ten years. Initially Afrinspire provided some computers to open a training centre in a slum areas of Kampala. The target group of youth had mixed backgrounds and whilst some thrived on the computer training and found work,, others would struggle due to a lack of basis education.

Many had barely reached secondary school or had dropped out through not having money to pay school fees. Tailoring and hairdressing were introduced as alternative choices. SDKF takes three groups of fifteen girls through this training every year. These girls buy their own T-shirt as their 'entry requirement' to the course. The T-shirt helps them identify as a group and to turn up and belong.

SDKF help the girls find work in hairdressing salons, and most will go on to become self-employed and have their own business. The local council paid for some girls to be trained by providing some hair dryers in lieu of fees, which helped SDKF to equip their training centre.

Otherwise, girls buy their own equipment and it is a struggle to get started but it is possible. A starter kits costs about 40 pounds and a full salon kit costs about 150 pounds to set up on your own in business.

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