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Safe water from protected water springs

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This small hole in a garden is the place where a whole community of 50 families are coming to collect their water. This is normally a swampy area but with the lack of rain the swamps have become one of the only places to plant crops and people are digging to find water. Fortunately there are natural springs coming from below which create the swamp.

This community of Bungwanyi in Bungokho in Eastern Uganda lies just below the slopes of Mount Elgon. Here they are gathered around an area where water, which percolates from the mountain, comes to the surface. John Bosco, the man who knows how to protect springs, is identifying the best source to cap.

In fact a network of gravel tenches will pick up water from various places and be brought together behind a wall from which a pipe will issue forth filtered water which is a safe source for the community. Choosing the right place to construct and how to place the spring is the skillful part and not always obviouis to a community.

Afrinspire has been funding 50% of the cost of constructing these protected springs. The local people put in their matching contribution.

And here's a spring which has already been constructed. Afrinspire is supporting three

construction teams in Eastern Uganda.

There is a queue of 30 communities asking for assistance.

Afrinspire is mainly a catalyst for this work by offering some funding but local ownership must be taken by the community through putting in their contribution and some volunteer labour. A local water management committee is also set up to manage the spring. At a time of drought everyones awareness about water is high.

A typical investment from Afrinspire is £180 per community. The main deliverable is SAFE clean water usually for about 200 persons. This is a cost of less than £1 per person.

If you would like to contribute to Afrinspire's water projects, click here.

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