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Our Friends at Hornby High School

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Afrinspire teams have been visiting the visually impaired section of Hornby High School in Kabale, South Uganda, for several years. In July the blind students being sponsored through Afrinspire, from both the senior and the junior schools came together at the Junior School to meet the Afrinspire team. It is always good to meet and talk together and to hear each other’s voices.

The team were able to deliver three manual braille machines and some braille paper, which had been carefully bought on e-bay by one of our supporters and shipped from the UK earlier and were waiting to be handed over. We were able to hear from all the children and to meet some of the small needs like for a school bag or shoes. They are mainly orphans and have no-one to help even with little things. It felt like a ‘parents visit’ which of course all boarding schools in Uganda have as open days periodically.

We are grateful to the sponsors who support these children through Afrinspire and make such a delightful occasion possible, and also grateful to the teachers who care for these children at the school.

Afrinspire is involved in many sponsorships but they all depend on donors coming forward, but we are able to facilitate the support.

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