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More Refugees from South Sudan - message received 16th June 2020

Unknown gunmen attacked Payume village in Morobi District which surrounds the town of Yei in South Sudan. They killed 17 people, burned homes, and displaced hundreds of innocent civilians.

The people had to run and crossed the border into Uganda which is 12 miles away from their homes. They lost all their belongings and property. They found their way to the other Southern Sudanese refugees already settled in Morobi Refugee Camp in Uganda, named after their home area.

This is more displacement of people. The people arrive and sit, and wonder 'what next' but they are safe.

Although a peace accord has been agreed by the leaders of South Sudan, there are so many groups of rebels who have not come into the agreement and who keep marauding around.

Afrinspire is active in supporting our long-term partner, John Noah Komi, who visits the people and moves around the communities in the camp. Schools and community centres have been created and many other small initiatives to help the refugees settle. If you can help please contact us on

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Dec 16, 2020

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