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Miken School of Art Update

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Wanda Kenneth at Miken School of Art in Mbale, Uganda, is training unemployed young people in art, design and business management. The aim is for them to start up their own are and design businesses/ Ten young people were trained. Five showed exceptional promise and were selected to receive start up grants towards their businesses. Hellen Namuhura, 25, says "I have been able to support myself and our family members with the profit I make from this business in the future. I plan to expand this business and work with some youths to help me serve more customers and support themselves."

Masaba Richard explains "I have designed badges and shirts for three primary schools and two secondary schools and I am gaining new customers all the time. I need to open an office so that I look more professional and can gain more trust from customers-currently I am trying to find a good location and to gather funds from friends, family and my personal savings to open it. I a also trying to build my customer base and to do this I sometimes do work cheaply for new customers. In the future I hope to encourage more youths into the practical skills of art and design, just as Miken School of Art does."

Afrinspire is now sending some start-up funds for the second batch of five students to support them all into being self-employed. Afrinspire invests between 45-80 pounds to train a young person and up to 150 pounds to establish them as self-employed.

Kenneth began printing T-shirts to support his school fees and developed this business further after graduating from university. He now has six people working with him as well as the trainees.

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