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Miken School of Art Success!

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

We continue to receive fantastic updates from our partner Wanda Kenneth at Miken School of Art in Mbale, Uganda.

Afrinspire has supported the training taking place here since 2014, and Paul (pictured) is just one of the wonderful success stories from this. Paul, who was a school drop-out, was involved in the first group of trainees back in 2014.

The trainees received a start-up kit once their training was completed, containing a printer and other materials to enable the beneficiaries to start a micro-enterprise in the field of art and design, as well as the provision of ongoing support and advice from the trainers at the School - an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience!

Since completing the training and graduating from Miken School of Art, Paul has been able use his start-up kit to start his own small business in Bukedea and increase his income, as well as support his sisters through their studies. Paul is pictured here with some of his products and also his sisters.

It is delightful to hear that from the 10 youths trained in the first round alongside Paul, 8 have been empowered and motivated enough to start their own enterprises and therefore created jobs and the remaining 2 have gone on to find full-time employment, one as a teacher of Fine Art, and the other as a graphic design secretary!

Ten more youths from the class of 2015 have recently graduated and so we look forward to receiving more good news along these lines!

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