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Job creation around the Miken School of Art

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

The Afrinspire Young Leaders Fund has been used to support several cohorts of trainees at the

Miken School of Art in Eastern Uganda. The trainees have learnt screen-printing, sign-writing, T-shirt printing, design , tailoring in the process of fulfilling contracts for products being delivered to schools and other organisations. This update came through this week.

The current students participating in the tailoring project at the school have now covered the following: 1. Making a piece of a sweater 2. Making open sweaters long sleeved 3. Making closed sweaters long sleeved 4. Making short sleeved sweaters 5. Joining the fabric to make the sweaters using tailoring machine 6. Management and maintaining machine while in use and after use 7. Making Designed sweater with cards for good patterns 8. Tailoring skills 9. Repair and spear replacement 10. Business skills training

Winnie, on the right, a mother of two children and participating in the training project, has commented: "I am dedicated to realise my lost dream after dropping out of school at 16 years, this skill is all my hope for a better tomorrow"

Esther, pictured on the left, was one of the applicants selected for the 2 month tailoring skills project has learnt how to knit sweaters using a knitting machine.

The success of the Miken school of Art is that every students is able to move on into employment or self-employment and the training is not complete until the trainee has their own livelihood from the skills they have learnt.

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