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How is the fish farm getting on?

Afrinspire funded the initial start up of this Fish Farm in Buikwe after Gerald had submitted an application and re-submitted it as part of our Afrinspire Young Entrepreneurs Movement. This is the time when they are checking fish sizes to grade the fish and decide what to take out and what to leave in the fish ponds to grow further.

It was a challenging process to arrive at a point for the first fish harvest and this is now the second batch.  Patience, perseverance, hard work and building of knowledge and experience have all been applied in order to grow these fish. 

The project has produced employment as well as benefit to the local community where there is a ready market for the fish. We are pleased to see them being successful.  Their story was shared at the Afrinspire Young Entrepreneurs Conference in Kampala on 29th February 2020.

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