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Divine Academy - Success Story

For several years we followed in our news the gradual construction of the Divine Academy in Kampala, Uganda. In January, while recruiting the new intake for this year, Dennis Ssettaala wrote:

"Divine Academy Nursery and Junior School was among the best in Nakawa Division.  50% of the Primary 7 candidates obtained first grades.  50% obtained super second grades, with the last pupil getting 18 aggregates(second grade).  There were no 3rd or 4th grades."

Afrinspire has been a partner of Dennis and Hellen Ssettaala since 2002, initially setting up a small computer training unit (equipped by us) for street children in the Kampala slums. We then set up a vocational training school for teenagers on the Kampala Northern Bypass. Finally, we helped set up the Divine Academy School for small children starting with nursery and moving on up through the classes to P7, now being 10 years of children. 

We are delighted at this success story, acknowledging both the vision and hard work of Dennis and the support of some notable funders such as the Herrod Foundation and St Johns Church, Hebburn and many other funders.  Hundreds of children and young people have been finding their way forward in life. So many are benefitting from this safe and caring organisation with the interesting title of SDKF - Setting Development and Keeping the Foundation - something which  Dennis and Hellen have done.

Since March 18th the pupils and students for all the schools, vocational training centres, universities and all education establishments have been sent home. Twenty million people travelled home and Uganda is currently in a state of lockdown with not transport moving anywhere as everyone stays home and stays where they are.  We do not know when things will start up again.

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