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Zerida starts her small business

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Zerida is now running her small shop in one of the streets in Kamuli Town, Uganda. She attended a training course in entrepreneurship which ran at the training centre of Uganda Development Services (UDS) during 2018.

Targeting women to empower them and help them find a way out of poverty, twenty women were trained. The course was run by Rita Mijumbi of UDS who is passionate about seeing women being lifted up. The women were given some small start-up capital to bring their ideas into reality.

Once Zerida started her shop, she invested her profits into buying salt and local chickens and seeks to extend the items she sells. She also aspires to being able to rent a lock-up stand.

Recently a small top-up grant was given to allow Zerida to extend her stock.

Grants of £25 to £50 can help small businesses like this spring up!

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