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Food for Africa Appeal - To have your donation matched give before 1 July!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Can you help us raise £12,000 by making a donation today? Our appeal has had a boost from some significant matched funding on a Virgin Money Giving page. It aims to meet the survival needs of the communities we work with – the most pressing of which at the moment is food.


Any gift made before 1st July through this FOOD FUND FOR CORONAVIRUS APPEAL will be matched on our first £6,000.

Thank you to everyone who has donated during April and during the past week towards our Food for Africa Appeal, which is reaching both Zambian flood victims and those under lockdown in Uganda.

Where will my donation go?

Afrinspire is a small charity which concentrates on sustainable development and has always left emergency aid to the larger charities which specialise in humanitarian aid. However, in the current situation we realised that our network of trusted partners is not only able to assess and communicate needs but also well placed to deliver help.  Surviving through this crisis is everyones primary concern and some are more vulnerable than others.

Your donation will meet short-term needs first, to help people survive, with an eye on the longer-term impacts of the coronavirus crisis.

Your donation will provide funding for three types of food:

Food for Now = Buying food for immediate survival

Food for This Year = Plant for one season harvest

Food for Every Year = Plant food trees around households.

For example, bags of rice, sugar, soap, bananas (matoke) and sweet potatoes were distributed in a Kampala suburb in the past few days using money from Afrinspire's UK supporters of Jaguza Children. The majority of the children are orphans living with their grandmothers, like Salome (pictured to left). 

If you can help, please make a donation today.

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