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Working in Rhino Camp

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Duki Job is one of our Afrinspire Young leaders and while many others are starting up their small enterprises, Duki, who is a refugee from South Sudan, is working as a volunteer with vulnerable children in Rhino Refugee Camp in the Arua District of Northern Uganda. There are more than 15,000 'persons/children of concern'.

Duki is a recent graduate and was starting an Art and Design Business with T-shirt printing in Yei in South Sudan before he had to abandon everything when people left suddenly with only the clothes they could carry.

His report is very illuminating. He tells how they "continue to lobby to reach those children not reached by other organisations (unsupported children in the camps/villages)" and how they "do awareness on peaceful co-existence between the refugees themselves and the Ugandan nationals."

You can read Duki's report here (N.B. This news item has been held back due to the unavailability of Group spaces from January to July 2018, but we felt it was good to share it even if a bit late)

Make sure you see the pictures of the vehicle at the end of the report to note the conditions of working in the camp. We have not sanitised the information - some pictures may be disturbing.

Afrinspire continues to support our partners who are in the situation like Duki who are reaching beyond what the government and large aid agencies can do.

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