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Update on the Community Rural Water Project

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The World Bank estimates that 25% of Ugandans lack access to clean water, and a shocking 75% are without adequate sanitation facilities. At Afrinspire, we are working to change that by working with local partners who are constructing water tanks and protecting springs as part of a Community Rural Water Programme.

Although it was founded in 2003, it was 2009 before a local NGO called MIDPRO built its first water collection tank. Since then, it has constructed and protected about 15 water sources. This was achieved by developing the skills of students from their vocational training college. Their three-man team has continued to work in community after community, protecting water sources in villages across the Mbale and Manafwa districts in Uganda. We continually see how much the communities value this work: we receive many requests from villages where dozens of households are prepared to club together to invest in improving their water access.

Community members at the protected Bukone spring

The provision of a safe water supply is crucial for these communities, as the water committee leader of Kongoli Village, Manafwa, notes: "[Previously] during rain season, unfortunately mud mixed with water, so the community suffered a lot. Your assistance rendered to the commnity is highly appreciated."

The water committee leader of Bukhoone Village, Mbale, seconds this expression of gratitude: "On behalf of the residents... we appreciate your assistance towards the construction of Wokuti Spring well in this village... we appreciate the service you rendered to us of good quality water".

The protection of springs costs around £275, and it takes £325 to build a water tank. Communities provide approximately half of the funds, demonstrating the commitment which helps to ensure their continued maintenance of their water source. Afrinspire makes up the rest of the cost. We estimate that each spring provides safe clean water for around 200 people, whilst water tanks serve around 50 village residents. That means that it costs between 84p and £5.50 to provide each person with safe clean water.

We want to reach 40 more communities with new water provision during 2017.

If you would like to contribute to Afrinspire's water projects, click here.

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