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The Next School...

Amonika Womens Literacy Group in Achilet Village, Buteba, Busia in Eastern Uganda, have met as a functional adult literacy group since 2016. They did not want their children to grow up illiterate as they had, and since they are too far away from any schools for their children to reach, they started the Arise and Shine Nursery and Primary School under the trees at their village. 

Starting with 40 childen they have expanded to now have 154 pupils attending but still have no proper school building.  They use a small local church and a nearby local home for shelter when it rains. Their aim is to construct a proper classroom block with an office and store.

Afrinspire has been able to help six schools elsewhere come into operation and thanks to support from our donors, 1,000 children are receiving education every year as a result.

We are hoping in due course to help this school have classrooms, a latrine and water supply.  If you would like to know more and see the children in 2019, check out the proposal here and to help please get in touch.

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