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The Fourth Shallow Well

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Digging out for a Shallow Well. Sometimes not so shallow but achievable by digging from the surface.

Unlike deep bore-holes which need drilling rigs and expensive equipment to be brought to site, as well as permission to tap deep groundwater, the shallow well is much cheaper and easier to construct.

Normally in flat dry areas where during the dry season most springs will dry up, the shallow well is the solution.

When finished they look almost the same as a deep borehole because the finished top is the standard hand-pump. The well is lined with circular concrete pipes.

The shallow wells constructed in Busia typically serve between 375 and 500 persons. The cost is around £2,000 so the funding is £2 per person to provide a clean water supply.

So far, four shallow wells have brought a water supply to 2,000 people in Buteba Sub-County in Busia, Uganda.

If you would like to contribute to Afrinspire's water projects, click here.

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