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Thanks from Zambia and Uganda

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

We receive quite a number of thank you letters and emails. One arrived from Samfya Secondary School in Zambia when they received a first batch of computers (dispatched from the UK in May). They tell us that they now have 1 computer for every 50 students instead of 1 for every 70. We plan to bring that ratio down even more as we gradually ship more to them. A second batch left our warehouse in September.

Our goods shipping of computers, books and training resources is a constant process and we

thank all the donors of the goods. We are particularly interested to hear from any primary/infants school which would like to donate books from their library when they renew their stock.

We have also received a number of lovely letters from children at Mama Jane's Childrens Care Centre in Jinja, Uganda.

Through the generosity of a number of donors we are able to send out money for food every quarter which helps to feed the 120 children in the care of the centre.

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