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Food for Now in Zambia

Bags of maize are being lifted down from the truck which is delivering them to vulnerable families affected by the floods in Luapula and the Northern Provinces of Zambia.

The food went to vulnerable families identified in the Chitamba community. Each family received a 50kg bag of maize costing K120 Zambian currency. The families had been lacking food entirely. Their land was submerged which destroyed the food they were growing.

‘We're very grateful and thankful to Afrinspire for your help and support. You have really saved many lives in the households of our communities.

says Benjamin Chibale who organised the distribution.

We could not help noticing the Staff EF polo shirt which comes from a language school in Cambridge. EF gave some surplus items to Afrinspire when they were re-locating premises. These were sent with computers to this partner in north eastern Zambia.

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