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Taking literacy deep into rural areas

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Reaching deep into the rural areas, the method of transport is the motor-bike (boda-boda). Rose and Lawrence, who train the trainers and group leaders, cover too much territory on boda-boda and we salute them for doing so.

Every year we take part in the Big Give in December so as to fund-raise for this on-going work of bringing literacy to those who have reached adulthood as illiterate.

Every year new groups are started, usually by first visiting an area and mobilising interest and explaining the opportunity. Adults need encouragement and the right approach to explain how they can break out of the problem of illiteracy. The groups usually meet once a week for a couple of hours and this fits into adult life. The teaching methods are completely different to that of children sitting in classrooms!

In 2019 there is a plan to begin 10 new FAL (functional adult literacy) groups in the Isingero area and well as starting some in the Tororo area of Uganda. At the same time Rose maintains monitoring of all the previous active groups. A large input is made for 3 years into every group. But when the people are empowered through this programme they often move onto more major projects and Afrinspire is supporting so much more than just the initial training.

Typically, an amount of £50 per person is needed to take a person through a FAL course. £3,000 will train 20 leaders who will then be able to set up 10 groups of 20 women. Some groups are more remote than others, not all groups will take off with the same ease. The financial cost for each group will vary but the commitment in relationship to start and continue with each group is made and it's the human capital and investment in people which makes FAL a success. Afrinspire is only priming the pump and keeping Rose and Lawrence on the road!

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