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Sudanese Refugees

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Most of the South Sudanese have now walked out of Sudan to escape the civil war and the marauding soldiers. The numbers have overwhelmed the Ugandan authorities who are doing their best to cope with large refugee settlements. While the large agencies like the government, UNHCR and The World Food Programme meet some of the immediate emergency needs of these people, Afrinspire is involved through our partners with specific groups of people whom we know and who are now in the camps.

One Afrinspire partner, John Noah Komi, writes, "I have just returned this week from Morobi

Camp in Moyo District where my wife Edina lives. I visited two nursery schools started by the community. They are learning under trees in a desperate condition without black boards, books, pens etc. There are 12 Nursery Schools in the Morobi settlement which are all in the same condition. You can see the situation for the children. We need help for these Nursery schools with scholastic material. "

John adds " I met children who have been separated from their parents, so I picked three of them who are now under our care in our home but there are more like these lost children in the camps. We have now a total of 13 children under our care."

The start-up kit needed for each of these nursery schools costs £45 to provide. Please contact us if you can help.

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