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Spring Protection in Manafwa Uganda

This is Sango protected spring in Manafwa, Eastern Uganda, constructed in August and

completed on 20th August 2020. We were recently able to provide money to protect 9 springs and the reports are coming back in.

Sango Well is being used by 50 women, 14 men, 162 girls and 20 boys, a total of 246 people. At a cost of £295 this is £1.20 per person.

Since 2006 Afrinspire has funded and overseen 232 constructions for enhanced water supply in East Africa. An estimated 43,150 people have benefited from a clean water source. On average it has cost £1.50 for every person helped. This is more cost effective than every other charity we have come across.

22% of the funding for constructions has come from local contributions alongside 78% from Afrinspire.

Local teams for construction have been nurtured in several localities and the need for protecting springs and digging shallow wells are identified by local communities.  There are many unprotected springs in the foothills of Mount Elgon which spread over vast areas into so many communities. In the flatlands, north of Lake Victoria in dry seasons the water table is several meters below the ground level. This is where shallow wells are useful and essential. They replace muddy and unhygienic holes dug in the ground by people searching for water.

A spring typically helps 200 people and costs about £200 to construct. A shallow well typically costs £2,000 and helps 500 to 700 people.

We have a large programme of springs and wells waiting to construct. Every little bit of help you can give will bring clean water to more people. We have created a new Afrinspire Water Appeal for the Afrinspire water and sanitation programme. 

We have constructions waiting in Uganda, Zambia and DR Congo.

£2 will provide clean water for ONE PERSON.

£10 will provide clean water for A SMALL FAMILY.

£20 will provide clean water for A FAMILY.  

£50 will give clean water to 25 PEOPLE DAILY

£200 will protect a spring to help 200 PEOPLE. 

£2,000 will construct a shallow well for 500 PEOPLE.

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Jan 27, 2021

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