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Smartly dressed at the Morobi camp nurseries

Afrinspire has been supporting two nursery schools, the Emmanuel Nursery and the Bright Light Nursery, for the children of Sudanese refugees in the Morobi camp in Northern Uganda.

In the past month our partner, John Noah Komi, has been delivering school uniforms to the children. He commented on the warm reception to the uniforms, saying“The child and the parent are excited and happy with the uniform since it is their first time in life to receive such a great help.”

Money sent from Afrinspire was used to purchase the uniforms and we are keen to provide for as many children as possible, as most parents in this refugee situation are struggling to provide their families with food or clothing. The uniforms create a sense of unity, community and equality amongst the children, which is especially important for those from the poorest families.

The schools which are set up by the communities in these camps are vital.  Having a safe and stable institution for the children to belong to greatly aids the psychological recovery of these children and the community. John Noah Komi has distributed 450 uniforms to Saint Emmanuel and Bright Light Schools.  In July he delivered 200 uniforms with a further 250 being distributed in August.

He says, "They appreciated and thank Afrinspire donors for what they have donated through Sani Tayi Self Help to reach the grass roots people in need especially children and women who are vulnerable in the refugee settlement"

John and the Sani-Tayi Self Help Group are community mobilisers who believe in making development sustainable. Their work helps to give refugees hope, and begins to create new structures and support networks within communities. They are dedicated to helping the refugees begin to rebuild their lives after the trauma and upheaval they have endured.

Children flocking to collect new school uniform!

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