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More displaced people in South Sudan

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

We heard this week that rebel soldiers had been marauding in the rural area around the town of  Yei.  People were forced to run away.  Our partner, John, writes: 'These are the displaced people from Mukaya Payam fleeing to Yei town after the rebel soldiers, who have not signed the peace agreement, clashed with the government soldiers recently! They lost their homes and properties with great suffering especially women and children. It will take some time for South Sudan to have total peace! Our prayer is that donors will not get tired of helping the people of South Sudan.  Thank you, and you are our voice'. But surely there was a recent new peace accord? In February 2020, while visiting John in Uganda, the report was one of hope for the peace accord signed by South Sudanese leaders on 20th February 2020. The reason for more hope this time was the inclusion of every ethnic group and the appointment or 5 Vice-Presidents.  The accord was more comprehensive and inclusive. People thought it would work. What about the refugees in Uganda? The view in Uganda was to give the peace accord time to settle down.  After one year the men would gradually return and clear the land and prepare, then take their families. After a three year period the whole refugee population could be moved back.  The hope was there and the expectation was there and the plan was there.  But with every new incident the refugees delay. The Lockdown? Regarding the Coronavirus Lockdown, John writes:

"Here in Arua and in the refugee camps we are safe regardless of the Lockdown! The Lockdown has been extended for two more weeks beginning from today! 

The major challenge facing the people is hunger problems (lacking food) especially for the vulnerable people!" Afrinspire has been able in the past week to send money for food to help 4 families among the refugees. We have a structure which connects us to 34 communities among the refugee population.

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