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"Let the young women learn"

Cecilia Lesho and her organisation "Bakashana Basambilile" are a recent recipient of computers we have sent to Zambia. 

"Bakashana Basambilile"  means 'Let the  young women learn'. Cecelia is the Director of Outreach and Advocacy at Bakshana which targets girls/women and youth in the Kasama area of Northern Zambia. After grade 7 when the government no longer provides free education, many cannot continue and Bakshana is trying to fill that gap for the grade 8 to 14's.

These computers were among the last shipped from UK in March before the lockdown when our computer shipping was forced to stop. They arrived in July and have been put to use. Our shipping operation has now re-started during August.  We intend to ship to Bakshana Basambilile again in October.

Cecelia writes"The Bakashana Resource Centre hosts a library and computer lab open to all Kasama youth. This is important because it helps young people to build opinions and have points of view on life and it helps young women know how to speak, read and write."  You can read about Bakashana here.

Afrinspire has now placed 3,226 computers into East Africa into settings just like this.

This is a monitoring team making a visit in July to a centre where our computers have been deployed.

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