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Kafu Nursery and Primary School - an outcome of FAL

Updated: Apr 17, 2020


Afrinspire has supported the development and official registration of a new school. Kafu School and Nursery started 8 years ago, with 16 local children and one teacher, who would meet under the mango tree for classes. Since then, Afrinspire has worked with Judith Nekesa, to transform this school, through funding the development of three classroom blocks, a latrine and water tank, the training of three new teachers and a school food programme. Afrinspire has also helped the school, which now provides education to over 80 children, to receive its official government registration.

The success of this school is a remarkable demonstration of the wider positive impacts that Afrinspire’s Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) groups have on the community. Founder and headmistress of Kafu School, Judith, grew up illiterate in Masindi where life prospects are extremely low, especially for women. Since participating in the FAL programme she and her group launched this school, which has brought together the community, and is eradicating illiteracy for the future generation.

Afrinspire has recently raised £25,000, thanks to the generosity of its supporters, via the Big Give Christmas Challenge. This money will be used to continue and extend the FAL programme.

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