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IT Technicians in Tanzania

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

In late 2014, our lead IT Technician from Uganda, Omoding, was able to review all the locations in Tanzania where we had sent computers over the past few years. Omoding reported back with his assessment on the knowledge levels of the technicians and the status of the computers. We then decided to hold an IT Technicians workshop in Mwanza, the second biggest city in Tanzania. Omoding organisied this along with Pascal to be the host in Mwanza. This happened over the first weekend in February. Delegate travelled from Burundi, Dar e Salam, Uganda and the local area.

The IT Technicians learn how to take apart and re-build a computer in terms of the physical hardware and software-an essential skill for those who manga rooms full of computers and to whom everyone turns for help. The event was hosted by Tanzania Youth for Christ at their Development Studies Centre in Mwanza

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