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Food for Zambian flood victims

We have written in our past two newsletters about the floods in Zambia where Lake Bangweula has risen and expanded across a large land area submerging lakeside villages and forcing the population to move to higher ground. See our previous blog post for more information.

Obviously the Zambian government needs to come in to rebuild access roads and washed out bridges. Afrinspire is only a small charity but what we can do is to help the people we know.  Here is Penelope distributing food bought with our first round of financial support.  Altogether we have sent food for 20 families. A 25 kilogram bag of maize costs £12.

These photos were taken at a school where the displaced families were staying temporarily. Penelope writes:'We helped. We bought soap and meals. There were too many people at the school who are staying there with no food. Today old people came to seek for help. I told them I will ask once I get in touch with you. I also want you to send the message back to the people who helped us that we are very grateful for their love and support. Your help in this crucial time is highly appreciated'.

A few days later she informed us: 'The people are planning to now move from the school. Some have built huts where they will shift from the school.' We want to help while these people re-settle. 

Thank you to those who have donated so far, and we want to send more. With your help, we can.  You can donate now to Afrinspire through PayPal Giving.

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