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Development Studies Centre

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The Development Studies Centre in Mbarara is one of Afrinspire’s key partners and in December 2014 it achieved accreditation as a Tertiary Organisation by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education.

Created by the Agency for Integrated Development and Training Services, the DSC was opened in 2006 and officially launched in 2008, offering short, post-secondary in-service training courses across a range of specialisms. As a knowledge–centre it has provided development consultancy for many years. As a result of this new accreditation, the DSC now offers two-year Diploma and one-year Certificate courses. The DSC’s education programmes focus on gaining employment for their participants, which is vital in the face of Uganda’s high unemployment rate. The DSC is guided by Uganda’s Vision 2040 Declaration, which means they consider what needs to be changed in the present in order to create the future desired in the Vision Declaration.


The first cohort of fourteen students at the Development Studies Centre are studying Business and Entrepreneurship, Human Resources and Climate Change. Nine of these students were able to join in this year’s Afrinspire Young Leaders Conference. The Conference was the largest so far with 45 delegates from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania and the UK. The theme was ‘Making Your Vision Happen’

The DSC aims to achieve excellence in the fields of research and teaching, and it aspires to impart the skills needed for self-reliance. Its programmes are value-based, mission driven and vision focused. The DSC’s core values are good will, academic independence and excellence, creativity, transparency, respect and opportunity. They seek to expand opportunities, enhance capabilities and provide second chances. The first of these aims involves increasing the quality of education, smoothing the transition to work, and providing people with a platform for civic engagement. Enhancing capabilities means making people aware of the consequences of their actions and building their decision making skills.

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