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Congo and Zambia droughts

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Our partners in Southern DR Congo and Northern Zambia are struggling for water at the moment. We have recently had three requests for new shallow wells and one request to repair a bore-hole. The congestion is evident at this shallow well in Congo. As sources dry up, more and more people come to a borehole which is working but then the flow slows down and result in big


It costs £2,000 to construct a new shallow well which typically will serve 500 people. 

It will cost 15,000 Kwacha (£1,000) to repair the bore hole with a new pump, cylinder and some concreting for Chipokosa Village in the Samfya region of Zambia.

Partners of Afrinspire have to date constructed 10 shallow wells in Uganda and we would like to start a programme in Zambia. Our strategy is for a local team to be trained and then for them to deliver the constructions at as low a cost as possible and including a local contribution from the beneficiaries. Once a team is trained and experienced they can deliver the shallow wells.  The Moru Shallow well was completed on 5th October in the Busia District of Uganda. It will provide water for 85 adults and 457 children.

If you would like to contribute to Afrinspire's water projects, click here. Ironically, the weather patterns over East Africa are delivering excessive rain in Kenya, Somalia and Sudan at the moment, as well reported in the world news, but there are droughts further south. Yet the heavy rains will reach southern countries by the end of December. These changing weather patterns over Africa are still being studied to be understood.

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