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Celebrate with us as Katende opens his Drug Shop

Katende opened the Ambrose Drug Shop on 22nd November.  It has taken several years of planning. 

Katende is one of our Young Entrepreneurs and first submitted an application for a grant in September 2017 while still studying pharmacy at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.  After graduating, Katende first worked on some internships to gain experience and to become fully qualified. 

His plan is to open a drug shop before a Pharmacy, going in steps to reach his goal.

"Very warm greetings from the Ambrose Drug Shop team. I continue to thank you for all the support to the Ambrose Drug shop project" writes Katende Ambrose.

Afrinspire joined with two other donors to help Katende get started with his own shop.  The road has not been easy to get registrations and permissions to open in the best place.

"I employed one full time enrolled nurse and a registered midwife responsible for the National Drug Authority processes. I also visit the project every day." says Katende.

Katende's application was one of the best and scored highly but the project was postponed several times while Katende arrived in the place he wanted to be to start.

Since 2013 Afrinspire has supported 28 projects by Young Entrepreneurs. In total £20,500 has been deployed, 111 jobs have been created and there have been 610 beneficiaries of these projects. Jobs are created for the cost of £185 per job. The projects include a hairdressing salon, lots of different animal husbandry, agriculture, food processing, soap making, printing, art, sign-writing, computer centres, a fish farm, block-making, a mobile money shop, addressing period poverty, growing water melons, mushroom growing and community water.

We have a range of projects submitted recently which are being assessed and for which we still need to raise the funds to support those which pass our criteria. A project can cost typically £300 to £1,000. We usually expect and do get a local contribution from the entrepreneur as well as putting in our grant.

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