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Burundi "Love in Action" !!

Our partner, Jules Nkurunziza organises visits under the banner of 'Love in Action' with the sole aim of taking some help to struggling families in the rural areas of Burundi.

Jules tells us, 'Now in our community it is confusing, Seven children out of ten are not attending school. You can imagine where we are heading to. Based  on fear of the future, we want children to go forward to achieve success which could only be possible with proper education. The poor rural families don't have enough funds to deposit school fees for their children and buy them study material. This will lead such children into a darkened life.'

So for Love in Action, he writes 'Between 30 and 40 students are our target number, to find the ways to support them and empower them to go back to school. Some of the families are not really able to buy office materials and pay school fees and help the kids to attend classrooms. It's understandable but not an easy situation and is a result of poverty. 100 US dollars can help 10 kids to go to go back to school.' (Burundi works in Burundian Francs and US dollars) On this trip to Bwoga Hill we will be able to help 7 or 8. We take the school materials which we have and some small funding. This is the first targeted family.  The family head is a woman, some of the children are orphans and all the children need unconditional love when life is easy and when it is tough' ''We make our Love in Action trips occasionally, as Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 verse 1-22 says, "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens". The visit took place in the last week of August. Jules says he has learnt from Afrinspire that even though the need is big, you can get on and take action in a small way. Even the $100 (£75) is enough to have a direct impact on many.

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