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Black Lives Matter

The message that 'Black Lives Matter' resounds around the world as well as at this local park near our Cambridge office following a protest on nearby Parkers Piece.

Afrinspire is not a campaigning charity and our focus is in Africa itself, but we have two interesting pieces to share if you have some time to examine the current issues. One from Cambridge and one from Oxford.

This year’s President of the Afrinspire Cambridge Student Society who is also an Afrinspire volunteer, Catriona Flesher, also happened to be a co-editor for THE TAB, one of the student newspapers around Cambridge University. The TAB published an article entitled 'silence-is-compliance-how-you-can-speak-out-against-systematic-racism'.

Catriona recommends this: "One of the best compilations I've seen of resources and actionable responses to atrocities in the US and the structural racism of which they are symptomatic. Also a fitting example of how student platforms can be mobilised for justice. Cannot recommend strongly enough giving this a read". (but ignore the adverts!)

And so as not to be too biased here is a talk given at the Oxford Union Society by Akala which fills in a bit of background about Africa and African history. He is also speaking out on the current situation and you can find these interviews by searching on YouTube.

You need some time for these!!

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