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A Successful home enterprise-Small Scale Egg production in Burundi-with 'How to' Information

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

More eggciting news....

How to make good use of the compound around your house? Jules and Annick started egg production earlier this year.

Jules writes with some delight about the quantity of eggs and the size of some of them: "It is incredible in our family now that our first generation of hens is starting laying. We get 26 eggs out of 50 hens and the second generation is starting with 12 eggs out of 100 hens,. This is the second week for the first generation. Some of them they are laying bigger eggs than the physical size of a hen. We had 50 males but we sold almost all of them and we no longer have many because they were eating a lot." (Don't worry about the maths, just look at the stack of eggs!)

"We are proud of this product and we thank God on the growth of this project."

"Find attached a few photos of eggs, taken through my phone five minutes ago."

Jules is one of our IT consultants and married Annick in 2015. Their new baby girl, Ineza Hyantha Julia, was born on 1st June. This is their project at home. We congratulate them and also thank them for sharing their knowledge.

How is it done? How to build, manage and maintain an affordable household egg production unit.

How have they made this a success. The secret is all in a presentation shared at our Afrinspire Young Leaders conference in Uganda in July. This is packed with advice (trade secrets) for any of our African friends who receive this newsletter. Or you can read it in report format here.

Let us know how you get on.

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