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Sani-Tayi Self Help Project


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The Sani-Tayi Self Help Project was formed by individuals who sought to help relieve the desperate poverty of this region. This region of South Sudan has received little foreign aid despite being affected by decades of civil war. The name 'Sani-Tayi' means 'the poor person helping the poorer person'.

By December 2018, the Sanyi-Tayi self-help group constructed three classrooms as the first structures of Arise and Shine Nursery School in Morobi Camp. Here South Sudanese refugees stay just inside the border of Northern Uganda. Afrinspire financially supported the construction of these classrooms in November 2018. The group has identified twelve nursery schools which were meeting under trees and Afrinspire is currently working through them to provide basic support to each school. This aims to benefit children but also helps build up their communities and provides some normality for displaced people.

“From 2001 until today Afrinspire have been supporting our efforts to help the needy people of Sudan.  We continue giving people the skills and some tools to begin with - Afrinspire's support allows them to become self-reliant"

John Noah Komi, Sani-Tayi Self-Help Group

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