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Nkurunziza Promotion of Youth in Development


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Jules Nkurunziza is a young leader in development. He set up the Promotion of Youth in Development non-profit organisation. It aims to give young Burundian people from rural and urban areas better opportunities through sustainable development. 

Just after Christmas 2018, Jules ran an introductory course for computing for forty trainees. Jules reports "Our Karusi Project is still running and we trained 131 young people so far from July 2017 up until now."

Afrinspire introduced the first computers to Gitega in 2006 and helped to create the first internet cafe which ran until 2016. It is the place where Jules learnt how to use a computer and became an ICT expert. In April 2019, Afrinspire sent further computers to Jules. This new initiative will be the next iteration of the Cyber cafe and continue to spread knowledge. Jules aims to start with a class of 40 students. Afrinspire is also supporting the equipping of this training and business centre with scanners, printers, laminating machines and projectors.

"I would like to highly thank Afrinspire for workshops and training. You always organise on a favour and benefit of young people in Africa"

Jules Nkrunziza, 2018

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