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Miken School of Art


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The Miken School of Art in Mbale, Uganda provides trainees with a start-up kit once their training has been completed, containing a printer and other materials to enable the beneficiaries to start a micro-enterprise in the field of art and design, as well as the provision of ongoing support and advice from the trainers at the School.

Since 2014 Afrinspire has been supporting the Miken School of Art, through our partner Wanda Kenneth. It is delightful to hear that from the ten youths trained in the first round alongside Paul, eight have been empowered and motivated enough to start their own enterprises and therefore created jobs and the remaining two have gone on to find full-time employment, one as a teacher of Fine Art, and the other as a graphic design secretary.

Since 2016 the Afrinspire Young Leaders Fund has been used to support several cohorts of trainees at the Miken School of Art in Eastern Uganda.  The trainees have learnt screen-printing, sign-writing, T-shirt printing, design , tailoring in the process of fulfilling contracts for products being delivered to schools and other organisations. 

"I have been able to support myself and our family members with the profit I make from this business in the future. I plan to expand this business and work with some youths to help me serve more customers and support themselves."

Hellen Namuhura, 25

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