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Hornby High School


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Hornby High School, based in Kabale, operates a dedicated braille class. It is recognised as one of Uganda's most successful. It was founded in 1923 and the school’s Braille Class was opened in 1969 by the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind, with only four students at primary level. In 1992 it was promoted to secondary school level. Currently the class has 12 girls and 8 boys across all levels of secondary education, with the students attending from several districts of Uganda, and even neighbouring countries. The school seeks to empower children by providing access to suitable educational materials and a teacher, Mr David Tindyebuia, who is specially trained, and with a wealth of experience, in teaching blind students.

Several former students have graduated from Hornby and forged successful careers as social workers, secretaries, and computer technicians. The school has become a crucial resource for young people in the area, and beyond. In 2005, one of the blind students won a certificate of merit in the East African Essay Competition when she appeared among the best 12 students in Uganda. Another student in 2011 achieved full marks at A-level.

Afrinspire has been working alongside Hornby High School since 2010, previously assisting the Braille Class with the provision of white walking canes and braille papers. A number of visually impaired students are being sponsored through Afrinspire.

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