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Women's Advocacy Network


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Woman’s Advocacy Network enables war-affected women to advocate for justice, acknowledgement and accountability for gender-based violations inflicted upon them during war in northern Uganda. 

The WAN was formed in May 2011 with the aim of empowering female survivors of conflict to participate in policy debates and community discussions on re-integration and reconciliation. There are currently 22 groups in the Acholi region of Uganda led by Evelyn Amony.

Afrinspire has supported WAN members in developing livelihoods with the formation of three FAL groups, an agricultural project and some sewing machines for tailoring projects in Gulu town.

"Yesterday in Northern Uganda I watched a woman my age show

me how she could write her name for the first time in her life.

As a teenager she was abducted by the LRA and taken as a wife...She can now sign her name for a bank account, on

official records and read numbers so she is not cheated when

she sells her goods. Amazing moments at Female Adult Literacy

groups supported by Afrinspire in Gulu."

Anna-Joy Rickard, 2016

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